Remona Aly
Wednesday 27 January 2016

Introduction to Islam

The essential introductory resource pack on Islam for multiple audiences

As Director of Communications for Exploring Islam Foundation, I’ve worked on a series of printed resources that feature contemporary, unique and visually stunning illustrations that appeal to multiple audiences. Using accessible and easy to read language, these resources offer an excellent overview of Islamic belief and practice. 

The resources cover a variety of topics including: Science & Islam, the Quran, Jihad & Peace, Human rights, Sharia, Spirituality, Women and Islam, and Coexistence. They are ideal for use in schools, universities, organisations, conferences and expos, and much more. As well as working on the text, I have also assisted EIF’s Art Director in creative direction, providing comprehensive briefs to a specially commissioned illustrator who has created bespoke artwork for each topic.

These dynamic resources will become available shortly.

For more information please visit Exploring Islam Foundation.

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