Remona Aly
Sunday 25 March 2018 BBC Radio 4

Something Understood: Power in Weakness

Power in Weakness


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Journalist Remona Aly explores what it truly means to be weak. All too often, society encourages us to strive for unrealistic goals of perfection, with no room for flaws or failure. Remona considers the unexpected strengths that can arise from positions of vulnerability.

She argues that occupying a position of weakness offers an opportunity from which we can learn from our mistakes, develop resilience, and nurture our faith. Those that wilfully occupy a lowly stance can often find unexpected strength – their humility can cause others’ anger to cease. According to Remona, the weakest members of society can radically affect the attitudes of those around them.

Music from Bruce Springsteen and Stormzy contribute to Remona’s exploration of weaknesses’ hidden strengths. She also draws upon verse from Shakespeare and Homer. “If we remove weakness from our experience,” she concludes, “we remove the opportunity to survive and evolve.”

Presenter: Remona Aly
Producer: Jonathan O’Sullivan
A TBI Media production for BBC Radio 4.