Remona Aly
Friday 17 April 2020 Claritas Books Podcast

Journey through the Quran

Claritas Books Podcast: Journey through the Quran 

Claritas Books Podcast · Journey Through The Quran

In the first of an exciting new podcast series hosted by journalist Remona Aly, we launch with “Journey Through the Quran” by author, scholar and entrepreneur, Shaykh Sharif H. Banna.

After developing a profound connection with the Quran as a child, Shaykh Sharif has spent his entire life studying the sacred word, and devoted twenty years to teaching it. He recounts how his textbook style Quran companion came about, discusses its special ‘mind-map’ features and takes us on an overview of the historic compilation of the Quran itself. As well as hearing the Shaykh’s key insights, lessons and advice, we hear from three of his students who convey how they were impacted by the book, and take us on their own personal journey through the Quran.

Presenter: Remona Aly
Producer: Thomas Glasser